Oasis Products OASIS Hamster Vita Drop Vitamins 2 oz
Oasis Products OASIS Hamster Vita Drop Vitamins 2 oz

OASIS Hamster Vita Drop Vitamins 2 oz

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  • Premium Quality High Potency Multivitamins
  • Focus-Formula™ for Small Animals
  • formulated for hamsters of all breeds and ages
  • Suitable or gerbils, fancy mice, fancy rats and similar pets
  • Insures balanced nutritional daily intake


Oasis Vita-Drops® for Hamsters, Mice, Rats, Gerbils & Similar Pets contains all known essential vitamins as listed in the latest recommendations of the Committee on Animal Nutrition of the National Research Council. Click on "Directions" tab below for complete product information.


Directions for Use


Oasis Vita-Drops can be added to the food or the drinking water, whichever is more appropriate an accepted by the small animal. The preferred method of using Oasis Vita-Drops is to add the concentrated liquid supplement to the animal's daily drinking water (whenever possible, use a sanitary water bottle instead of an open water dish, whcih can be easily contaminated with debris). However, some small animals may prefer clear non-fortified water, in which case the vitamins may be applied directly to their food.


For drinking water:
Add to daily drinking water at the dosage listed below. Whenever possible use a sanitary water bottle instead of an open water dish, which can be easily contaminated with debris.


For hamsters, mic, rats, gerbils & similar pocket pets:
2 drops per each ounce of drinking water


For Food: Some pocket pets do not drink much water (possibly due to their native arid or desert environmetn origins.) In these cases, vitamins may be applied or dribbled onto pet's food. Stir 1 or 2 drops of VITA-DROPS into about 1 tablespoon of food, then layer the fortified food on top of the pet's feed dish. Check to be sure that the vitaminized food has been consumed within 24 hours. If the pet refuses to eat the fortified food, feed the usual plain diet for 3 days and try again. Some pets, such as hamsters, are creature of habit and may not accept the food mixtures immediately. it is very important that the pocket pet not go without food by refusing to eat the fortified food during the training period.


Excess dosages should cause no ill effect. Store Oasis Vita-Drops in a cool dry place...may be refrigerated.


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