Oasis Products OASIS Guinea Pig Vita Drops Pure C 2 oz
Oasis Products OASIS Guinea Pig Vita Drops Pure C 2 oz

OASIS Guinea Pig Vita Drops Pure C 2 oz

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  • Lack of daily Vitamin C = scurvy
  • Scurvy is painful and can be fatal
  • Scurvy is also easily preventable
  • Vitamin C oxidizes easily in dry feed
  • It takes more fresh foods than you think to equal sufficient Vitamin C
  • GREAT VALUE! Concentrated to yield more refills per bottle!


Just 8 drops of Oasis Pure C in 4 ounces of drinking water equals the recommended 25 mg of daily Vitamin C Guinea Pigs need.


OASIS VITA-DROPS PURE C for GUINEA PIGS are a convenient way to assure your guinea pigs (also known as cavies) are receiving the fresh Vitamin C they require daily. Daily intake of Vitamin C is essential for overall health but most importantly to prevent scurvy. OASIS VITA-DROPS PURE C for GUINEA PIGS is formulated using high-quality, human-grade stabilized Vitamin C.


Guinea Pig (cavy) exhibitors and breeders have found that this orange-flavored formula, which contains the sought after 25 mg dosage level, is very palatable to all ages of guinea pigs. A fresh dose in the water bottle daily helps keep your guinea pig happy and healthy.

Directions for Use

OASIS VITA-DROPS Pure C can be added to the food or the drinking water, whichever is more appropriate and accepted by the guinea pig. The preferred method of using OASIS VITA-DROPS Pure C is to add the concentrated liquid supplement to the guinea pig's daily drinking water (whenever possible, use a sanitary water bottle instead of an open water dish, which can be easily contaminated with debris). Guinea pigs readily drink this mixture, but if desired the vitamins may be applied directly to their food.



RECOMMENDED DOSES: The average adult guinea pig weighs approximately 2 to 2.5 pounds and drinks 4 ounces of water per
day. At this rate - using 2 drops of Vita-Drops Pure Vitamin C per ounce of water - the Vita-Drop mixture yields 25 mg of Vitamin
C. Any unused vitamin C is excreted via the urine.


Normal healthy guinea pigs of all ages & sizes = 25 mg (8 drops of Vita-Drops Pure C) daily
Pregnant or nursing guinea pigs = 37.5 mg (12 drops of Vita-Drops Pure C) daily
Guinea pigs showing signs of stress or scurvy = 50 mg (16 drops of Vita-Drops Pure C) daily
Mega-dose for guinea pigs with deficiency/scurvy = 100 mg (32 drops of Vita-Drops Pure C) daily


For use with food: Randomly scatter 8 drops of Vita-Drops directly onto the surface of the daily food ration. Check to be sure that the vitamized feed has been consumed within 24 hours. If the guinea pig refuses to eat the fortified food, feed the usual
plain diet for 3 days and try again. Guinea pigs have good appetites, and usually accept the new feed mixture immediately. It is very important that guinea pigs not go without food by refusing the fortified feed.


Excess dosages should cause no ill effect. Store Oasis Vita-Drops in a cool dry place... may be refrigerated.

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